Mexico's determination to reduce its dependence on trade with the USA was intensified by the repercussions of the US downturn in 2008, which provoked a 6.5% drop in Mexico's GDP in 2009. Although the economy grew again in 2010, Mexico needs to diversify its trade.

Mexico is the UK's next largest market in Latin America after Brazil, and the population of over 100 million includes a rapidly growing middle class. The UK's image in consumer goods is of high quality and there is demand across many sectors.

Investment in infrastructure contracted temporarily, but the economic recovery has continued apace. We expect the next 18 months to be crucial and companies looking for opportunities need to be investigating the market now.

Last year Mexico and the UK committed to doubling trade between the two countries by 2015, and investment by British companies in Mexico has increased apace, suggesting that companies already in the market are reinvesting now.

We began seriously in Mexico in 1980 when we set up an industrial catering company for a British multi-national, and we have maintained our contacts and knowledge of the market through the succeeding 30 years.

SDL has also been successful in establishing consumer products in Mexico, from alcoholic beverages to electrical supplies, through agents and distributors, and with the largest supermarket chains and wholesalers.

Mexico can be a profitable, high volume market for products and services of many types; it needs thorough preparation and the right local partners, together with good professional advice on all the legal aspects of a newcomer's activity.

If you are exporting to traditional markets which have become more difficult, or your sales have been stagnating, consider Mexico very seriously.

Mexico will become a world economic power in a relatively short time. It is also a route of entry to the whole of Spanish-speaking Latin America, and you should not ignore it.


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Mexico's determination to reduce its dependence on trade with the USA was intensified by the repercussions of the 2008 US downturn on its economy. The need to diversify has become urgent. Read more


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