How we work?

We adapt our way of working to each individual client's needs. No two companies are alike in their products or services; we prefer to immerse ourselves in a client's culture and understand their market before starting in country.

If we know instinctively that the client's offering will not find a ready market in Latin America, we will say so honestly at the outset. If we feel that a thorough market survey is needed, we will recommend it, with clearly defined fees.

From our many years of experience, very often we can recommend a suitable method of entry into Latin America. We are not committed to any specific plans; we have worked with agents and representatives, distributors, franchisees and joint-ventures.

Once we have mutual agreement to undertake a client's launch in Latin America, we become to all intents and purposes the Latin American sales and marketing department of the company. In close collaboration with our client, we manage agreed marketing budgets, become their face before all agents or distributors; pass purchase orders; recommend payment terms; and all the other functions normally carried out by an in-house specialist department.

The cost of employing a Latin American specialist, paying their travel and accommo-dation costs, and all the office-based backup, is in excess of £150,000 a year. Because we work with several clients, our fees are a fraction of this - and a client can have the advantage of trying our way for as little as a year.

We have succeeded in such sectors as plastics, electronics, security, prefabricated buildings, alcoholic beverages, refrigeration and catering. We have also advised a major political consultancy.

Our experience working with Latin American industry, services, and local and national governments is second to none; our contacts are frequently at the highest level.

If it can be done, we can do it for you.


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